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  • Integrates and Rolls Out Future-Proofing has integrated its video platform directly into the interface, thereby bringing together the two services that had previously stood alone. As a result, customers have the option of using as well or instead of the service. Jeff Malkin,'s president explained to me last week customers can now flexibly decide whether they want to host their video themselves ( option) or just have URLs created to embed in their sites (the option). Given resource constraints for many customers, is often a preferred route.

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  • Pro is Unveiled, Fits Between YouTube/Vimeo and OVPs has released Pro today, which as company president Jeff Malkin explained to me, is targeted to the tens of thousands of video producers who need a solution that's more robust than YouTube or Vimeo but doesn't have all the bells and whistles (and cost) of a full-blown online video platforms.

    As I explained in my original coverage of's beta launch in January, is a clever service that allows video producers to upload or point to their source video file and then have return a single URL and embed code with 20+ output formats that will work across all devices and browsers.'s goal is enticingly simple: to eliminate the operational complexity and cost of increasingly heterogeneous playback environments for video producers while letting users just click play and begin viewing.

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  • Makes Sharing Videos To Mobile Devices a Snap

    If you've ever sent one of your "must see" video clips around to friends or family, only to have them exasperatingly tell you "It didn't play for me!" when they tried accessing it on their mobile device, then a clever new service called is going to make you smile.'s mission is to radically simplify the video transcoding and playback process so that virtually all mobile devices or browsers can play any video - regardless of their original format. Given the confusing proliferation of formats - Flash, WebM, HTML5, etc. and devices (iOS, Android, Blackberry, game consoles, etc.) that is a significant value proposition.'s special appeal to consumers is that it puts a familiar URL-shortening, social media-friendly front-end on's cloud-based transcoding capability, which has been battle tested by 1,000+ content providers to date. But whereas URL shorteners like primarily focus on making very long URLs shorter and therefore more manageable for social media use, actually addresses the underlying playability of the video and also provides a short URL.

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