• YouTube Used for Toy Safety Advocacy

    YouTube's role in our lives just keeps expanding.

    A little blurb I read in the newspaper lead me to this humorous/serious video created by a liberal group named Campaign for America's Future now posted at YouTube.

    The video spoof shows Ken and Barbie hooking up in a bar and then talking by phone a week later. In that conversation, Barbie tells Ken that she's having some "symptoms", but the twist is they are not what you're expecting. She says she is suffering from lead poisoning.

    The video then cut to messages focused on the importation of 2 million toys from China with toxic levels of lead paint, why our inspection regulations aren't sufficient and that Nancy Nord, Acting Chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission should be dumped.

    Regardless of where you are on these questions, this little video again demonstrates how ingrained YouTube has become in our lives. It also illustrates how video is the most persuasive method for advocacy. How long will it be before producing videos for YouTube distribution is a standard part of any PR/advocacy campaign? Not very.

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