• thePlatform and Adobe Partner For Secure Flash Video Delivery

    Premium content providers seeking to securely publish video using Flash will get a hand from thePlatform and Adobe, which are announcing a new partnership. Under the deal, customers of thePlatform's mpx video management system who use Adobe's Flash Access software for content protection will be able to use it via an integrated workflow. Flash Access also provides HTTP dynamic streaming (adaptive bit rate) and monetization options like VOD, subscription, EST and rental.

    Another aspect of the collaboration focuses on Android-powered mobile devices. Users of these devices accessing content delivered via thePlatform will have their video player using Flash optimized for their device. thePlatform's customers can also use Adobe's OSMF (Open Source Media Framework) and thePlatform's "Feeds Service" so that video can be delivered in multiple playback circumstances. Lastly, thePlatform's mpx console used Flash Builder 4  and has an AIR client so that file uploads are more efficient.

    For thePlatform, the partnership is timely as the company powers many top media companies and also a number of the largest pay-TV providers' online video and TV Everywhere initiatives. In these, the ability to securely deliver video on their own as well as partners' sites is crucial. Though Google is promoting its WebM format and Apple is resistant to Flash for its iOS devices, the reality today is that the large majority of online video published uses Flash. So by making the publishing process easier and more secure for its customers, it is helping support these highly strategic TV Everywhere activities.

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    Note: thePlatform is a VideoNuze sponsor.