• Teads Rolls Out Mobile SDK for Outstream Mobile Video Ads

    Looking to benefit from the rising tide of mobile device usage, video ad tech provider Teads.tv has extended its inRead video ad format (also called "outstream") to mobile via a new SDK.  With the new SDK, content providers can place inRead video ads within their mobile apps. The format's big differentiator is that it runs against text articles, slideshows and news feeds, essentially unlocking tons of new high-quality inventory for lucrative video ads.

    Teads provided 2 sample implementations, for Reuters and Forbes mobile, showing how inRead mobile ads work. As with the web version, inRead mobile video ads begin playing when at least 50% of the ad is in view, and automatically pause when they're not. The ads can also be manually skipped, similar to YouTube's True View format. The mobile SDK can also work in conjunction with Teads' video SSP for cross-device inventory management.

    The new mobile SDK helps content providers capitalize on the growing momentum toward viewing video on mobile devices. Just yesterday Ooyala released new data showing that a record 38% of all video views in December, 2014 were on mobile. Some content providers are already reporting that over 50% of their views are on mobile.

    Teads is also benefiting from the huge amount of attention being paid to viewability. Because its inRead format pauses when not in view, advertisers have an accurate picture of how many times their ads were actually seen. Paying only for those ads viewed or clicked on also gives inRead a performance-oriented model that extends its appeal to direct marketers as well as brand marketers.