• Teads' Outstream Video Ads Now Compatible With iOS For Mobile Web

    Teads has announced this morning that its "outstream" video ads are now compatible with Apple's iOS for mobile web. Teads' outstream video ad units can be inserted in text articles on the mobile web and begin to play as the user scrolls the page. They stop playing when the user scrolls past them. This results in 100% viewability.

    This past March Teads released its mobile SDK allowing outstream ads to run in mobile apps. But until now outstream ads could not run on mobile web in iOS because the device's full screen native player is force-launched, rather than allowing video ads to be viewed in-page.

    Outstream ads are important because they allow publishers to tap into high CPM video ads on their text pages (now on mobile as well). This means that premium publishers can instantly create video inventory without also having to create expensive video content.
    Below is a video of mobile experience.

    inRead Everywhere - Teads commercial 2015 from Teads on Vimeo.