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  • Study: Verifying Video Content Leads to Higher Ad Engagement

    Innovid has released results of a study that concludes placing video ads with relevant video content helps to boost ad engagement. Innovid analyzed 3 campaigns using its iRoll format with the Innovid Atom Verification solution. Innovid measured number of ad impressions, verified video content categories and engagement rates.

    Specifically, the study compared a campaign's engagement rate for ads served with relevant video vs. the engagement rate for overall impressions. Engagement rates were 1.9x and 1.4x higher respectively, for 2 of the campaigns, travel and auto, when the ad vertical aligned with the content category. However for the 3rd campaign (for pharma) it was 2.3x higher than overall when running against sports video specifically.


    From these results, the study concludes that targeting an audience using a network will result in ads running on pages where optimal content is not found. Instead, Innovid recommends conducting video content-level verification that extends past page-level analysis to discover particular category correlations. This will lead to improved campaign performance.

    The full study is available for complimentary download here.

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