• Sizing Up the Apple TV Opportunity: A Complimentary Video Webinar on April 2nd

    I'm delighted to announce that Brightcove Chairman & CEO Jeremy Allaire and I are going to present a complimentary video webinar, "Sizing Up the Apple TV Opportunity," on Tuesday, April 2nd at 1:30pm ET.

    The prospect of Apple launching its own television or "television-like" device (beyond the current Apple TV) has been one of the hottest rumors in the video industry. But while there has been lots of hype around it, there's been little strategic discussion of why Apple might launch this type of product, what features and benefits it might actually have, how it would differentiate from competitors' products, how it might affect the ecosystem, or what challenges Apple would face trying to make it successful. Our one-hour webinar will focus on exactly these types of questions.

    Jeremy and I have both written extensively about the prospects for an Apple television/device and (examples here, here, here) and we believe that like so many previous Apple products, if the device is properly conceived, it could well represent a game-changer with profound industry impact. That said, the webinar will be a "hype-free" zone where we'll rationally delve into the details, while also providing ample time for Q&A. There are no agendas at work; Jeremy and I merely thought it would be timely to try shedding some light on this topic. For anyone in the ecosystem who would be impacted by an Apple television/device, it promises to be an engaging, worthwhile session.

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