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  • Roku Introduces New Search Tools, Upgraded Devices

    Roku has introduced a number of new ways to search its growing selection of content. A new "Roku Feed" feature initially allows users to follow in-theater movies and be notified when they become available for streaming and at what price. The feature is valuable because movies are fragmented over multiple streaming services, making it nearly impossible for viewers to know when or where movies they missed in-theater appear online.

    The Roku Feed feature is available under the "My Feed" tab in the home screen, which then directs users into the "Movies Coming Soon" where they can personalize their choices. I can see how the Roku Feed feature would also be valuable to allow users to stay on top of when their favorite TV shows come to streaming (Roku didn't mention when Roku Feed would e extended to TV). Roku now has over 2,000 channels with 250K movies and TV shows available.

    Roku also announced voice search in its upgraded, top-of-the-line Roku 3 player, while  upgrading the Roku 2 player to have the same performance as the Roku 3. Roku is doing software updates to enable the new search features in current generation players starting today and running through end of April. Roku also updated its mobile apps for Android, and later this week, for iOS, to support the new search features.

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