• Research: Advertisers Pursuing Cross-Channel Buys, But Measurement Challenges Remain

    A survey conducted by 4C and Advertiser Perceptions indicates that ad buyers are pursuing cross-channel campaigns but remain challenged by a lack of unified measurement. The survey, of 300 ad decision-makers in the U.S. and U.K., found that 75% are running integrated campaigns, with 22% saying they intend to do so within a year, and another 3% saying they have no plans to do so. Video is a key catalyst in driving cross-channel as viewers fragment among platforms.

    However, lack of unified measurement was cited by 52% of respondents as inhibiting cross-channel buys, followed by reach and frequency optimization (45%) and targeting precision (37%).

    The survey found 85% of respondents saying a new audience based approach, as opposed to the traditional one that views TV vs. digital as silos, is the key to moving forward. In fact 89% of respondents agreed that audience strategies are more effective than those focused on individual platforms. Top benefits cited were improved brand awareness (45%), positive impact on purchase consideration (43%) and increased brand loyalty (39%).

    4C envisions the audience-based approach, buying across platforms using data, with unified measurement, as the successful approach going forward. Its recently launched Scope by 4C is meant to serve advertisers’ emerging needs. Early results show almost half of advertisers using Scope as gaining a 25% improvement in return on ad spend, with another quarter gaining 26-50% and the remainder gaining over 51% improvement.

    The full report can be downloaded here.

    (Note: 4C is a VideoNuze sponsor)