• Ooyala IQ Video Analytics Product Now Available Standalone

    Ooyala has unbundled its Ooyala IQ analytics product so that video providers can use it on a standalone basis with other video players. Traditionally, Ooyala IQ was only available with the company’ own video platform. Ooyala IQ can now be used via SDKs with JW Player, Brightcove, Kaltura, thePlatform, Flowplayer and YouTube. Tests have been conducted to date, though no implementations have yet gone live.

    Ooyala's senior director of global product management, Jonas Flodh, told me that the decision was driven by existing Ooyala customers who use other players for certain video properties and/or on certain devices, and also by video providers that use non-Ooyala players but are interested in Ooyala’s analytics product.

    Given how fragmented the video landscape has become, with multiple devices, services and platforms, the ability to use one analytics package to understand all usage is clearly beneficial. Ooyala IQ enables customers to track by geography, asset, device type, operating system, browser, domain, player and traffic source. All of this data allows video providers to make better decisions about their content and optimize monetization.