• MSNBC Gets It Right with "Inside the Obama White House" Minisite

    NBC and MSNBC nicely executed their "Inside the Obama White House" minisite, built to accompany this week's exclusive 2 night special, which itself boosted NBC's ratings. The minisite offers all the broadcast programming, chunked into logical parts. There's also web-only video, searchable clips and playlist functionality. The minisite presents the video in a very digestible, clear manner, so if you forgot to TiVo the special like me, you don't miss anything.

    When you begin playing the video there's a pre-roll for Applebee's, which appears to be the primary sponsor, though Sprint has some banners too. Mid-rolls run after most segments and then the next programming segment resumes. Applebee's awareness is very strong, though I think they could have benefited from varied creative (I certainly won't forget its Steakburgers and Carside service)

    One other random observation - if you look at the segment that the image below is captured from, you'll see that NBC's Brian Williams and President Obama appear to be wearing the exact same tie..pretty funny!