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  • Kaltura Gives HTML5 Another Boost

    HTML5, the next version of HTML, which seeks to make video more open and flexible, got another boost this week as Kaltura, the online video platform company, and its partners unveiled two new initiatives. Kaltura made available its HTML5 Video and Media JavaScript Library and also launched, a site that includes demos and related news.

    Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura's Chairman and CEO explained to me that given the company's emphasis on open source, it was a natural to embrace HTML5. Ron sees HTML5 as allowing developers to treat video just like text and freeing video to run across platforms, devices and browsers without needing any plug-ins. One of HTML5's biggest benefits is that it works on the iPhone, which means developers using it avoid Apple's anti-Flash bias, while also gaining access to other smartphones. Still, Ron says Kaltura is "pro-choice" so if its customers want to use Flash or Silverlight, it will support those as well. Separately, HTML5 got another boost this week as Microsoft made available the first developer preview of IE9 (the next version of its widely-used browser) that offers extensive HTML5 support.

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