• Innovid's iRoll Interactive Ads Now Available For Mobile; BrightRoll First to Adopt

    Innovid is announcing this morning that its iRoll interactive video ad format is now also available for delivery in mobile to smartphones and tablets. This means that the same iRoll ad can be used online and in mobile, from the same ad server providing unified cross-platform analytics. Innovid's CEO Zvika Netter told me he believes this is a first for in-stream video ads. Innovid is also announcing that BrightRoll has become the first network to adopt the mobile iRoll and that several multi-screen campaigns are already live.

    As the below video shows, using iRoll Apps Studio, both Flash and HTML5 versions of an ad can be created, including interactive elements like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, in under 2 minutes, which can then be previewed in a web browser and an iPhone. Advertisers and agencies gain quicker time to market with a streamlined work flow to mobile distribution. Innovid's data shows that interactive elements dramatically drive up users' time spent and engagement. Now these benefits will be extended to mobile as well.

    Last week I wrote that the iPhone 5 is poised to have a big positive impact on mobile video adoption, so iRoll mobile's timing is very good.