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  • Innovid Enhances iRoll With VAST/VPAID Tag Creation

    Innovid, which enables online video advertisers and publishers to add interactive elements such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and sharing to their campaigns, is announcing that VAST and VPAID ad tags will now be auto-created within its iRoll Studio.

    The enhancement eliminates the work flow process step of advertisers and publishers needing to submit their ads back to Innovid for tags to be created before campaigns can be trafficked out. This in turn reduces cost and resources to turn typical pre-roll ads into an iRoll ad.

    Zvika Netter, Innovid's co-founder and CEO, explained to me that since Innovid has integrated with most ad servers and OVPs, once an advertiser or publisher has been set up in the Innovid system, tags that conform with the applicable ad server will be created. Innovid sees tag creation as completing the self-service cycle from the creative development of iRoll campaigns through to trafficking of ads. Ad calls are redirected to Innovid's ad server, which manages the campaign and provides full analytics on user engagement.

    Innovid says that advertisers gain an average 500% improvement in click-through rates vs. typical banners. Several Innovid partners including BrightRoll, Adap.tv and TubeMogul have been using the tag auto-creation capability since the beginning of the year.

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