• Final Reminder: "Sizing Up the Apple TV Opportunity" Webinar is Tomorrow

    No April Fool's joke: this is the final reminder that tomorrow (Tuesday) I'll be doing a complimentary video webinar, "Sizing Up the Apple TV Opportunity," with Brightcove's Executive Chairman Jeremy Allaire at 1:30pm ET.

    The hottest rumor in the video industry is that Apple will launch a TV and/or TV-like device (beyond the current Apple TV puck). But beyond the hype and speculation, Jeremy and I both believe there's compelling strategic logic; a device that is properly conceived could well be a game-changer with wide-ranging consequences. In this webinar we'll dive into the details, and leave plenty of time for audience Q&A. We don't have any agenda or inside knowledge; we just thought it would be fun and timely to share thoughts and have a discussion on this topic.

    For anyone whose business would be impacted by an Apple television/device, it should be well worth your time.

    Complimentary registration here

    Follow the discussion and submit questions via Twitter at #SizingUpAppleTV