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  • ConvertMedia Launches Outstream Video Ad Portfolio

    Supply-side platform ConvertMedia has introduced a portfolio of outstream video ad units. While video is the hottest ad category, the scarcity of premium inventory and expense of creating high-quality video continues to be an issue for publishers eager to attract video ad dollars. Outstream ads - video units that can play against text and other non-video content - have become a popular way of addressing this issue.

    ConvertMedia, which has its roots in display advertising, has been building up its outstream video capabilities. CEO and founder Yoav Naveh told me recently that publishers need to be more creative in presenting great video experiences supported by ads to users (he cited Facebook as a great example) - going well beyond the traditional pre-roll. Yoav believes this will result in publishers confronting increased complexity presenting and monetizing different user experiences.

    The ConvertMedia outstream portfolio gives publishers many different options including Inline, Interstitial, Slideshow, Listicle, Expandable, Slider, Coffee Break, Video Playlist and Page Wrap, that can be used in different user and content experiences on desktop and mobile. As with outstream ads generally, the units emphasize viewability and user engagement/flexibility.

    See the full gallery of units here.

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