• Connected TV’s Share of Ad Impressions Remained Strong in Q2

    Connected TV’s share of ad impressions remained strong in Q2 2022, according to new data released by Extreme Reach. CTV accounted for 38% of ad impressions the company served which was comparable to Q1 2022 and up from 35% in Q2 2021. CTV has had the largest share of impressions vs. other devices for 17 straight quarters.

    Extreme Reach highlighted that for advertisers who use CTV, they tend to lean into it. In Q2, of the advertisers using CTV, three quarters of them allocated 50% or more of their impression volume to CTV. Of these advertisers, 36% allocated more than 80% of their impressions to CTV.

    Extreme Reach’s VP of Digital Account Management Mary Vestewig noted that “CTV has changed the face of digital video advertising, allowing brand to reach their audiences in a linear TV-like setting, but with expansive data-rich targeting opportunities.”

    Among verticals, Political, Financial and Auto advertisers devoted over 75% of their impressions to CTV. For Political this suggests CTV will be important in the fall midterm elections. Desktop was favored by Household Goods and Education advertisers, while mobile and mobile in-app was favored by Gaming, Food Delivery and Local Services.

    Extreme Reach posted trend data and relevant charts as well.