• Brightcove and Accedo Introduce Turnkey OTT Solution

    Seeking to simplify and cost reduce the process of launching new OTT services, Brightcove and Accedo have partnered to introduce Brightcove OTT Flow, powered by Accedo, a turnkey OTT solution for media companies.

    The solution was developed in response to the companies’ recognition that the OTT launch process typically involves numerous technology providers and custom development which in turn lead to steep development and maintenance costs plus long timelines. In the fast-moving OTT world, these obstacles hinder innovation and competitiveness.

    OTT Flow combines via middleware, Brightcove’s Video Cloud video management platform and Accedo’s AppGrid app management and VIA GO app suite. At launch, iOS, Android and Google Cast apps are available as part of the core service, with Apple TV as an additional option. Next quarter the companies will launch Roku, Fire TV and Android TV. Accedo has launched thousands of apps for its customers.

    OTT Flow supports both ad-supported and subscription video services. Pricing for OTT Flow when used in ad-supported video service starts at $10K/month. For SVOD services, it starts at $15K/month. The companies are working exclusively together on this packaged solution, but will still maintain flexibility to work with other partners as well.

    Having spoken with many content providers over the past 10+ years as they plan their OTT services and conduct their due diligence on the many different technology providers in the market, I can personally attest to the complexity involved. Things have only gotten worse in the past few years as online video has moved from the desktop primarily to include mobile and connected TVs. Multiple flavors of Android and smart TVs, along with emerging platforms like Fire TV and Apple TV make launching a maintaining an OTT service a daunting prospect.

    Brightcove estimates custom development projects now run in the $500K to $1 million range and can take 6 months to launch. That contrasts with an annual contract with OTT Flow that could run a little over $100K to get started.

    Given all of this, Brightcove and Accedo are on the right track, especially for small-to-mid-size content providers with finite resources, who will value a packaged solution with quick time to market over customized alternatives with infinite flexibility.

    Both ad-supported and SVOD OTT services are proliferating these days as content providers recognize viewers want more choices and the pay-TV multichannel bundles comes under increasing pressure. Launches of these direct-to-viewer services will continue to accelerate and OTT Flow will no doubt become a meaningful alternative.