• Adobe's Primetime DRM Supports HTML 5

    Adobe announced this morning that its Primetime DRM solution supports emerging HTML 5 standards, with Firefox being the first browser in which it will be implemented. The move broadens Adobe's DRM approach beyond its traditional Flash-only focus. As Primetime DRM is adopted in other browsers (which Adobe said is forthcoming), content owners will be able to protect their premium online video content in web experiences, which could lead to less emphasis on today's approach of building standalone video apps.

    Adobe said that Netflix will be using Primetime DRM in Firefox as part of suite of DRM products. Over 100 various media companies use Adobe's DRM solutions including BBC, Comcast, HBO, Hulu, M6 France, NBC, Time Warner and others.  ABI Research recently rated Adobe as the DRM market leader.

    In addition, Adobe announced it is the first DRM vendor to be working with Intel, Broadcom and AMD to enable hardware-based DRM on devices which use these companies' CPUs to protect premium HD and 4K content. While is still very early days for online 4K TV, DRM is a requirement for content owners to proceed.