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  • Integrates and Rolls Out Future-Proofing has integrated its video platform directly into the interface, thereby bringing together the two services that had previously stood alone. As a result, customers have the option of using as well or instead of the service. Jeff Malkin,'s president explained to me last week customers can now flexibly decide whether they want to host their video themselves ( option) or just have URLs created to embed in their sites (the option). Given resource constraints for many customers, is often a preferred route.

    As a reminder, allows users to upload their video and have it transcoded into 24 different formats, returning a URL and embed code. Then when an end-user clicks on the video, browser/device detection automatically delivers the optimal video format. is also introducing a "future-proofing" program that guarantees all videos will also automatically be prepared for new formats/devices as they are introduced.

    Jeff noted that is seeing strong growth from traditional content providers long accustomed to running their own encoding farms. One driver is TV Everywhere which prompts cable networks, as an example, to bring their content online quickly, and for different devices. As well, each time a content provider signs a new distribution deal, that distributor has its own set of encoding specs to conform to. As issues around security and large file transport have lessened,'s service approach is benefiting.

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