• Come to Stream Con NYC

    Stream Con NYC is the new home for business around digital content on the East Coast.  The Industry Summit is where you will engage with online influencers from YouTube & Vine, thought leaders and decision makers of brands, advertising, broadcasting, licensing, and publishing.  This is the perfect opportunity to develop new avenues of business or to put the finishing touches on a business deal that has been months in the making!

    What are you doing on October 30th?  If you have plans you’ll want to change them and if you don’t have plans, now you do!   As a leader in the industry, we are inviting you to join us for a day of Keynotes, case studies and roundtables.

    You’ll hear from MediaLink’s Michael Kassan, Google’s Beau Avril, and Maker’s Chris Williams; influencers such as Shonduras, Kandee Johnson, and Brandon Calvillo; and experts who’ve worked with Marriott, Coke, and COVERGIRL.   As you prepare for 2016 and beyond, these industry leaders will reveal insights about the future of online media.  Take a deeper look.

    Plus, with an optimal experience for both industry and consumers in mind, here are just a few of the confirmed industry heavyweights who will be joining us:  Condé Nast Entertainment, Discovery Communications, Corbis, FameBit, Fullscreen, Giga Entertainment Media, Google/YouTube, Ogilvy, Maker, New Form Digital, StyleHaul, The Weinstein Company, Univision, Vimeo, Yahoo and so many more.

    This is the perfect opportunity for both you and your team to spend the day among the top players in the industry and continue your conversations and networking over cocktails at the close of the Summit.   So please, by all means, extend an invite to your team, colleagues and industry friends.

    As a VideoNuze reader, please visit streamconnyc.com, select Industry Summit use code Summit20 for a 20% discount toward your Industry Summit ticket which also includes the entire weekend of Stream Con NYC events including the Creator Camp or a 3 day pass.

    We look forward to seeing you at the Stream Con Industry Summit.