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News for 'Pepsi'

Title Date Source
Pepsi, Honda, Anheuser-Busch, Amazon and Verizon Are Ramping Up on Snapchat for the Super Bowl 02-02-2017 Adweek
Pepsi Taps Live Video To Reach Mountain Dew Die-Hards 03-30-2015 AdExchanger
PepsiCo Running Video Contest With LinkedIn To Recruit For Content Marketing 02-23-2015 Mediapost
Pepsi Will `Do What Hollywood Can`t` via Digital Video 10-07-2014 Videoink
YouTube begins content partner programme with American Express, Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo & General Electric 06-20-2013 The Drum
Pepsi Next Videos Get `Sexy` In English and Spanish 04-22-2013 AdWeek
Pepsi `Test Drive` Laps Rival YouTube Ads 04-08-2013 Online Media Daily
`Uncle Drew` Jumps from YouTube to TV 06-13-2012 AdAge
Pepsi Launches Social-Viewing Platforms for `X Factor` 10-18-2011 AdAge
Pepsi Makes a Summer Splash Onto Viral Video Chart 07-15-2011 AdAge
Digital Coupons Bridge TV, Mobile, Retail Store 04-20-2011 Online Media Daily
How Madison & Vine Moved to Silicon Valley 03-15-2010 AdAge
New Pepsi `Dewmocracy` Push Threatens to Crowd Out Shops 11-02-2009 AdAge
Pepsi Launches Video Contest For NASCAR Fans 09-03-2009 Online Media Daily
CBS, Pepsi Add Video to Print, Promo Push 08-20-2009 Adweek
Pepsi Ad Banner Lets Users Upload Videos Directly 01-20-2009 MarketingDaily
Pepsi.com Overhauled 05-15-2008 Adweek
A Digital Conference in Living Color: Day 1 03-19-2008 AdAge
Pepsi to launch Internet series 03-17-2008 The Hollywood Reporter
Pepsi Brands Online Minisode Network Of Vintage TV Shows 10-22-2007 Online Media Daily
Marketers Creep Toward the Hottest Video Site in China 10-15-2007 Ad Age
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