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Google Fiber is dropping its TV package to focus solely on high-speed internet service 02-04-2020 The Verge
Louisville becomes the first city to lose Google Fiber 02-07-2019 Android Police
Google Fiber Mixes Things Up, Drops Gigabit Pricing to $55, Adds OTT Bundle and Wi-Fi 11-15-2017 Telecompetitor
Google Fiber Taps New Leader Amid Restructuring 02-16-2017 Multichannel News
Alphabet to Cut Google Fiber Staff In Half: Report 08-24-2016 Multichannel News
Google Cast is coming to every Google Fiber TV box 06-01-2016 The Verge
Comcast, AT&T Lead Google in Super-Fast Broadband Delivery 04-25-2016 AdAge
Google Fiber TV Subs 'Astonishingly Low': Analyst 03-03-2016 Multichannel News
Google Fiber Is Coming to San Francisco 02-24-2016 WSJ
Google Fiber Has Comcast's Attention 02-10-2016 Multichannel News
Google's Most Expensive Moonshot? Laying Internet Cables 02-01-2016 Bloomberg
Study: Market 'Too Dismissive' of Google Fiber 10-07-2015 Multichannel News
Google Fiber Expands in Austin 07-15-2015 Multichannel News
Google Fiber TV now delivers ads based on your viewing habits 03-23-2015 Ars Technica
Google Fiber Ended 2014 With 29,867 TV Subs: Report 03-12-2015 Multichannel News
Google`s Pay TV Push Is Slow. Google`s Broadband Push Is a Question Mark. 03-12-2015 Recode
Google Says Treating Broadband As Utility Will Boost Fiber Rollout 01-06-2015 Mediapost
Google Fiber`s broadband dreams aren't making cable TV any better 12-05-2014 The Verge
Google Fiber`s new gear lets you watch more shows on more TVs 12-03-2014 Engadget
Google Fiber redefined cheap speed for the home, now sets eyes on small business 11-24-2014 Android Authority
Here`s the single biggest thing holding Google Fiber back 10-06-2014 The Washington Post
Former Qualcomm Exec Named Head of Google Fiber 09-16-2014 WSJ - Digits
AT&T Gigabit Service to Land on Google`s Turf 08-20-2014 WSJ
Time Warner And Comcast Just Happen To Boost Customer Speeds Near Google Fiber 08-04-2014 Consumerist
Google Fiber is cleared to land in Portland 06-16-2014 The Verge
Boulder lost out on Google Fiber because of Colorado`s anti-municipal broadband laws 06-13-2014 GigaOm
Behind the scenes with Google Fiber: Working with content providers to minimize buffering 05-21-2014 Google Fiber blog
As Google and AT&T Race for Fiber-Optic Dominance, Here`s Where They Might Go 04-21-2014 Recode
AT&T to Build Out Ultrafast Internet in North Carolina 04-10-2014 WSJ
Bright House to Build Ultrafast Broadband Network 03-12-2014 WSJ - Reg. Req'd
Google Fiber Expands KC-Area Signups 03-11-2014 Multichannel News
Leading to the gigabit promised land? 03-01-2014 CNET - News.com
Thoughts on Google Fiber, from a user 02-26-2014 Beyond Devices
Prompted by the upcoming merger or Google, Time Warner upgrades its Austin broadband 02-20-2014 GigaOm
Google to Push Its Fiber Rollout on Comcast`s Turf 02-19-2014 WSJ - Reg. Req'd
Google offers Fiber to more Provo residents, to expand coverage area throughout 2014 01-23-2014 Engadget
Bigger than Google Fiber: LA plans citywide gigabit for homes and businesses 11-05-2013 Ars Technica
Google Fiber app gains new DVR features, now on iPhone and iPod Touch 10-30-2013 Engadget
Google Fiber Weaves In Watch ESPN, Watch Disney 10-16-2013 Multichannel News
AT&T Preps For Google Fiber Showdown in Austin 10-01-2013 Multichannel News
Google Fiber Hits a Speed Bump 09-17-2013 Multichannel News
Vudu Joins Google Fiber`s Set-Top Lineup 08-15-2013 Multichannel News
Google reveals Fiber plans coming to Provo this year, including free 5 Mbps Internet after $30 construction fee 08-15-2013 The Next Web
Want to see the impact of Google Fiber? Look to Comcast 08-13-2013 GigaOm
Google Fiber Could Reach 8 Million Homes By 2022 06-14-2013 Forbes
IHS: Google Fiber Not Going Nationwide 05-21-2013 Home Media Magazine
Google Fiber heads to Shawnee, Kansas 05-03-2013 CNET - News.com
Britt: Google Fiber an `Overbuilder` 04-25-2013 Multichannel News
Google Fiber Launches iPad App 04-23-2013 Multichannel News
Google Fiber coming to Provo`s `Silicon Slopes` 04-17-2013 CNET - News.com
Google to Offer Ultrafast Internet Service in Austin 04-09-2013 WSJ - Reg. Req'd
Netflix: Google Fiber Got Faster 04-09-2013 Home Media Magazine
Google Fiber Coming to Austin, Texas 04-06-2013 Home Media Magazine
Time Warner Cable says there`s no consumer demand for gigabit internet 02-27-2013 The Verge
Brad Feld Is Looking For Founders To Live And Work Rent-Free In His New Kansas City `Fiberhouse` 02-13-2013 TechCrunch
Report: Google Fiber putting pressure on Time Warner Cable`s pricing in Kansas City 02-01-2013 Fierce Cable
Google Fiber `not a hobby,` exec says during earnings call 01-23-2013 Fierce Online Video
Google Fiber `not a hobby,` could expand, tech giant`s execs say 01-22-2013 LA Times
Google: TWC Is `Withholding` Metro Sports RSN in Kansas City 01-15-2013 Multichannel News
Speedier Internet Rivals Push Past Cable 01-02-2013 WSJ - Reg. Req'd
Eric Schmidt Says Google Fiber Won`t Stop With Kansas City 12-12-2012 Wired
Netflix launches monthly ISP speed rankings, praises Google Fiber, and calls out AT&T 12-11-2012 The Verge
Google Fiber Ignites Kansas City Startup Scene 11-26-2012 Mashable
Google Fiber goes live in first Kansas City neighborhood 11-13-2012 The Verge
Web Rivals Want What Google Got 10-02-2012 WSJ - Reg. Req'd
Google Fiber announces 180 qualified fiberhoods, sets approximate rollout schedule 09-13-2012 Engadget
Google Adds ESPN And Disney Nets To Fiber TV Diet 09-12-2012 Multichannel News
Google To Hook Up At Least 89% Of K.C. `Fiberhoods` 09-10-2012 Multichannel News
Google`s IPTV Service Pumps VOD With Avail-TVN 09-05-2012 Multichannel News
How Google Fiber Stacks Up Against Verizon FiOS 08-21-2012 Mashable
As Google Fiber rollouts begin, here`s what cable will watch most closely 08-11-2012 GigaOm
Why pay TV operators should fear Google Fiber 08-08-2012 SNL Kagan
The economics of Google Fiber and what it means for U.S. broadband 07-26-2012 GigaOm
Rovi lands Google Fiber patent license deal, keeps program guides flowing 08-02-2012 Engadget
Who's Rallying for Google Fiber? 07-30-2012 Light Reading
Let’s Not Get Too Excited About Google Fiber, Yet 07-28-2012 TechCrunch
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