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Title Date Source
Apple Hires Former Time Warner Cable Executive Peter Stern 09-14-2016 WSJ
Charter-Time Warner Cable Deal Closes 05-18-2016 Multichannel News
Time Warner Cable Media Pushes Back After YouTube's Bold Claim About Audience Reach 05-06-2016 Adweek
How Tom Wheeler Made Cable King 04-29-2016 WSJ
FCC Drafting Order to Approve Charter-Time Warner Cable Deal 03-15-2016 WSJ
Time Warner Cable Sees Chance to Resist Rising Cost of Carrying Channels 01-28-2016 WSJ
HBO, Time Warner Inc. execs express worries at FCC about Charter merger 01-14-2016 Politico
Why Cable Companies Are Actually Expecting Subscriber Increases This Year 12-16-2015 The Hollywood Reporter
Dish CEO: Charter-TWC Union Would 'Destroy' Online Video Competition 12-02-2015 Home Media Magazine
AT&T, Verizon Lobby Asks for Limits in Charter Cable Merger 11-12-2015 Bloomberg
TWC Launches Roku Trial in NYC 11-09-2015 Multichannel News
Marcus: Roku Test Isn't OTT 10-29-2015 Multichannel News
Cable Operators See Greater Subscriber Retention 10-29-2015 WSJ
TWC Continues Operations Momentum 10-29-2015 Multichannel News
Rovi Stops Selling Fan TV Devices, TWC to End Service Next Month 10-28-2015 Variety
TWC Ads Tout New Apps, Services 10-27-2015 Multichannel News
Time Warner Cable will test internet-only TV in NYC next week 10-23-2015 Engadget
Cable TV box rental fees cost average household $232 a year 07-31-2015 Ars Technica
Charter Will 'Go Further' Than FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules in Merger With Time Warner Cable 06-25-2015 Variety
Why the Cloud Is Key to Charter's Big Deal for Time Warner Cable 06-03-2015 Variety
Americans Love to Hate Their Cable Providers, Especially When They Merge 06-02-2015 WSJ
Better broadband at better prices? Welcome to Charter CEO's fantasy 05-29-2015 LA Times
Broadband at the Center of Charter-Time Warner Cable Deal 05-27-2015 NY Times
How Comcast lost friends, its influence, and the bid for Time Warner Cable 05-20-2015 Fortune
Comcast spent $336 million on failed attempt to buy Time Warner Cable 05-04-2015 Ars Technica
Time Warner Cable open to merger talks with Charter 04-28-2015 Reuters
Comcast Kills Time Warner Cable Deal 04-24-2015 WSJ
FCC Staff Recommends Hearing on Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger 04-23-2015 WSJ
Could OTT Video Derail Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger? 04-20-2015 Home Media Magazine
Time Warner Cable: 'No Indication' Justice Department Will Block Comcast Merger 04-17-2015 Variety
U.S. Antitrust Lawyers Said Leaning Against Comcast Deal 04-17-2015 Bloomberg
Comcast Recruits Its Beneficiaries to Lobby for Time Warner Deal 04-06-2015 NY Times
Comcast pushes back closing for Time Warner Cable merger 03-25-2015 MarketWatch
New Streaming TV Services Could Weirdly Help Comcast 03-22-2015 Recode
Charter Ready To Go After Time Warner Cable If Comcast Deal Falls 03-03-2015 Deadline
MLB local streaming still stuck 03-03-2015 Sports Business Journal
Comcast Still Sees Time Warner Cable Deal Closing Early 2015 02-24-2015 Bloomberg
Dish: Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger Would Kill Sling TV 02-23-2015 Home Media Magazine
Comcast-Time Warner Deal Chances Improve With Tighter Web Rules 02-10-2015 Bloomberg
Comcast-Time Warner Cable Deal Still Up in the Air a Year Later 02-09-2015 NY Times
Pay TV Ops Drop HBO's Price; HBO Go the Reason? 01-28-2015 TV Predictions
Rivals launch `Don`t Comcast the Internet` to oppose TWC merger 02-02-2015 GigaOm
Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger is no longer viewed as inevitable 01-27-2015 LA Times
FCC Wants to Know More About Dish`s New Web-TV Service 01-14-2015 Recode
Why Your Cable Bill Is Going Up Again in 2015 - Sports 01-07-2015 Bloomberg
Comcast-TWC Rips Discovery, Netflix in FCC Merger Comments 12-23-2014 The Wrap
Comcast-TWC Merger Review Delayed for Documents 12-22-2014 WSJ
Dish to FCC: Comcast Deal Would Cause Competitors `Irreparable Harm` 12-22-2014 The Wrap
Comcast-Time Warner Cable critics fired up 10-23-2014 NY Post
TWC TV Live TV Guide on Roku Now Has Seamless Access to On Demand 10-10-2014 Time Warner Cable blog
Tying up the cable business 10-03-2014 The Economist
Comcast Blasts TWC Deal `Extortion` 09-24-2014 Multichannel News
TWC Makes Dodgers Games Available on Broadcast 09-15-2014 B&C
Comcast Targeted by Entertainment Giants 08-29-2014 WSJ
Netflix Petitions FCC to Block Comcast/TWC 08-27-2014 Multichannel News
Dodgers TV Row Fuels Unease Over Comcast-Time Warner Deal 08-20-2014 Bloomberg
`Real Housewives` is going mobile for TWC customers 08-13-2014 Engadget
Time Warner And Comcast Just Happen To Boost Customer Speeds Near Google Fiber 08-04-2014 Consumerist
Jay Rockefeller Wants to Revolutionize How You Watch TV 07-23-2014 National Journal
Small pay-TV provider feels squeeze play over Dodgers channel 06-09-2014 LA Times
Comcast CEO Defends Time Warner Cable Acquisition, Downplays Netflix Concerns 05-28-2014 TechCrunch
Comcast and TWC voted most-hated ISPs in America`s most-hated industry 05-20-2014 Engadget
TiVo: Undecided On Comcast-TWC Deal 05-13-2014 Multichannel News
Comcast and Time Warner Cable defend deal before Congress 05-08-2014 LA Times
House Vets Comcast/TWC Union in Marathon Session 05-08-2014 Multichannel News
Cable Providers Boost Broadband Speeds 05-05-2014 Light Reading
Little progress in DirecTV-Time Warner Cable Dodger talks 05-06-2014 LA Times
As Netflix Resists, Most Firms Just Try to Befriend Comcast 05-01-2014 NY Times
Comcast, Charter Reach Subscriber Deal 04-28-2014 WSJ
Comcast Close to Subscriber Deal With Charter Communications 04-22-2014 WSJ
Fan TV`s new set-top box will connect with Time Warner Cable 04-22-2014 The Verge
Comcast and Time Warner in talks to sell subscribers to Charter 04-18-2014 FT
Al Franken wants Netflix CEO`s perspective on Comcast / TWC deal 04-16-2014 The Verge
5 takeaways from the Comcast-TWC merger Senate hearing 04-10-2014 Venture Beat
Comcast Gears Up to Persuade Regulators 04-09-2014 NY Times
Comcast: If You Support Net Neutrality, Let Us Buy Time Warner Cable 04-08-2014 WSJ - Digits
Comcast/TWC Submit Deal To FCC 04-08-2014 Multichannel News
How your rising cable bill is making sports teams and star players rich 03-31-2014 LA Times
Sneak preview of Comcast war 03-30-2014 Politico
Comcast`s David Cohen on Proposed Merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable 03-28-2014 C-SPAN
Sen. Al Franken Warns That Comcast, TWC Merger Could Threaten Open Internet 03-19-2014 Variety
Comcast deal may offer media companies leverage on fees 03-14-2014 Reuters
Pay TV Balks at Price of the Dodgers 03-12-2014 WSJ - Reg. Req'd
Comcast-Time Warner Cable Deal May Be Bad News For Roku Owners 03-11-2014 Huffington Post
First Comcast-TW Cable Showdown with Feds Set for March 26 02-24-2014 Variety
Prompted by the upcoming merger or Google, Time Warner upgrades its Austin broadband 02-20-2014 GigaOm
Fans may strike out in battle over Dodgers` new TV home 02-18-2014 LA Times
Netflix Talks to Add Service on Time Warner Cable Said to Stall 02-18-2014 Bloomberg Businessweek
Comcast-Time Warner Merger Could Make TV Everywhere A Reality (But You`ll Have To Pay Up) 02-14-2014 Forbes
Comcast-TWC merger might help the cause of net neutrality 02-13-2014 Fortune
Comcast Just Got Bigger, But Not Near Big Enough to Win the Real Future 02-13-2014 AdAge
Time Warner Cable, Bright House Roll Out Univision`s TVE Platform 02-04-2014 Multichannel News
Comcast, Charter Said to Near Pact on Time Warner Cable Assets 01-27-2014 Bloomberg
A+E Networks Joins TWC`s TV Everywhere Lineup 01-23-2014 Multichannel News
Dodger brass not worried about distribution for new cable channel 01-15-2014 LA Times
Apps for mobile viewing challenge cable operators, TV networks 01-06-2014 Reuters
For Comcast, Time Warner Cable`s New York unit could be big business 12-19-2013 LA Times
TW Cable Unifies Its TV Everywhere Apps, Adds Kindle Fire To Mix 12-18-2013 Multichannel News
Charter Said to Prepare Offer Letter to Buy Time Warner Cable 12-13-2013 Bloomberg
Cable-TV Bosses Dance Around Merger Talks 12-09-2013 WSJ - Reg. Req'd
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