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  • Morgan Spurlock's New Series Premieres on Hulu, With Heavy Monetization

    This week Morgan Spurlock's new six-part documentary series "A Day In The Life" premiered on Hulu, which is its exclusive distributor. The premise is that each episode follows one well-known personality for a full day, giving the viewer an intimate look into their life. The first episode focused on Virgin Group's Richard Branson. Future episodes are set for release on Wednesdays.

    I thought the episode was well done and fortunately it doesn't slip into a "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" mode, instead mostly focusing on Branson's promotional tactics in support of Virgin America's new Chicago routes (note "Entourage" fans will enjoy a cameo from actor Adrian Grenier). Perhaps the most interesting thing about "A Day In The Life" wasn't the show itself but how heavily Hulu is monetizing it with ads, illustrating the point I was making just yesterday about online video's potential for heavier ad loads.

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  • Hulu Pushes Further Into Originals With Morgan Spurlock's "A Day In the Life"

    Hulu is partnering with director Morgan Spurlock ("Super Size Me") to exclusively distribute "A Day In the Life," a six-part documentary series in which each episode will follow one celebrity for a full day. The first episode, which debuts on August 17th, will focus on Virgin's Richard Branson. Episodes will roll out on subsequent Wednesdays on and Hulu Plus and will feature singer, comedian Russell Peters, musician Girl Talk and others. Each episode is 22 minutes and will include ads. Spurlock provides more background in a video interview after the break.

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