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  • Op-Ed in the L.A. Times and NPR Interview

    I was very pleased to have an op-ed piece published in the L.A. Times this week, "Pay-TV's Full-Court Press" in which I explained how the recent Time Warner Cable deal with the L.A. Lakers is going to be very costly for pay-TV subscribers in the L.A. area, whether they are sports fans or not. The piece echoes points I made last month in "Not A Sports Fan? Then You're Getting Sacked For At Least $2 Billion Per Year."

    Producers at the main L.A. NPR affiliate, KCRW noticed the op-ed and called for an interview on the "Which Way, LA?" program with Warren Olney which runs at 7pm weekdays. The recording is here, and my interview segment starts about 1 minute into the broadcast. I continue to believe that the huge cost for pay-TV's non-sports fans and casual fans to receive expensive sports networks they don't watch is ultimately going to cause them to re-evaluate the value of their pay-TV subscriptions. With the rise of lower cost and free over-the top options like Netflix and Hulu - plus the proliferation of connected devices -  entertainment-minded consumers will be very tempted to save money by reducing their pay-TV service.
  • LA Times Embraces Web, Integrates News Operations

    LA Times is reporting a full-on integration of its print and online news efforts is now happening, as the paper is in "a fight to recoup threatened revenue that finances our news gathering," as Times Editor James O'Shea put it. Hurray for them. We took a long look at newspapers' broadband video efforts in our Q2 '06 industry report and found that separate news operations was a key impediment to newspapers realizing their web/broadband opportunities.

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