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  • Newspapers’ Broadband Video Getting Respect

    Kurt Andersen's piece in New York magazine, You Must be Streaming, is getting a lot of viral activity today. It's the first mainstream media piece about the seriousness with which newspapers are going after broadband video and what this may mean for broadcasters.

    Of course, last spring we released our report on how the top 40 U.S. newspapers are pursuing broadband video. Based on our analysis, it was clear that a high-stakes battle was on the horizon, as newspapers began to extend their brands and skills into the broadband video arena. This battle is only going to intensify as more newspapers realize that video is well within their reach and there's a whole lot of new revenue to be had by offering traditional and new advertisers the opportunity to run video ads adjacent to their budding video initiatives.

  • Great Webcast on Broadcasters and Broadband Video Yesterday

    Yesterday I hosted the 5th in a series of webcasts in which I review key findings from our industry reports. In this webcast I covered highlights from our Q4 '06 report "The Broadcast TV Industry and Broadband Video: Confronting New Challenges, Embracing New Opportunities".

    The broadcast TV industry - both networks and local stations - are facing lots of challenges and the most recent, and possibly most disruptive is broadband video. In the report we review best practices and what both networks and stations are currently doing with broadband video. You can register and see a replay of the webcast (plus download the slides) by clicking here. I look forward to your reactions!

    These webcasts have been a great opportunity to share thoughts and do Q&A.

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