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  • Toys R Us is First to Adopt Eyeview's "Black Friday Booster" Video Ad Solution

    The all important holiday shopping season is about to kick off for retailers, and as always, consumers will be deluged with offers. This year, to distinguish its promotions and drive sales, Toys R Us is using a video ad solution dubbed "Black Friday Booster" from video ad tech provider Eyeview to deliver personalized deals to individual customers. On Friday, Oren Harnevo, Eyeview's CEO and co-founder, shared more about Black Friday Booster and how local retailers benefit.

    Black Friday Booster builds on Eyeview's core capability of personalizing video ads at scale. To create the Toys R Us campaigns, Eyeview uses 3rd party data from various sources, offline purchase data from providers like Neustar and Datalogix, plus its own local geographic data to configure specific ads for viewers. The ads not only contain the promotional offers, but the specific location of closest store(s). Oren said other retailers will also be using the Black Friday Booster solution this holiday season but he wasn't able to share specific names.

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