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  • VMIX: Another Entrant in Video Platform Space

    Competition continues to intensify in the already-crowded video content management/platform space, with additional players continuing to hit my radar. The latest is VMIX, which contacted me after I posted my recent summary of all the companies operating in this space. I got a briefing from CEO Mike Glickenhaus, CTO/founder Greg Kostello and VP Marketing Jennifer Juckett.

    VMIX has actually been around since 2005, and has built a healthy roster of customers, mainly, but not exclusively in the local media space. Operating purely as a white-label SaaS provider, its CORE media management platform now powers over 200 sites' video and multimedia offerings, reaching 60 million+ unique visitors/mo. Examples are regional sites such as McClatchy's, Lee Enterprises' and Landmark's along with others such as American Cancer Society's

    Given how crowded the space is, I'm always interested in how video platform companies articulate their points of differentiation. In this case Mike outlined several ways starting with the idea that VMIX's sale focuses on revenue generation for local media companies, rather than technology adoption. Mike has a long executive career in local media, and explained that traditionally revenue generation has been the prism through which technology decisions are made; this is no doubt truer than ever in a difficult economy.

    VMIX backs up this positioning with a professional services team that helps structure sponsorship programs for its customers, also helping train them in how to sell video. Note this is a tactic that WorldNow, the leading video platform company in local media space uses as well. This angle makes sense to me - as an industry executive recently said to me, "Revenue generation never gets commoditized."

    Beyond revenue, VMIX also emphasizes its UGC capabilities. UGC is scary, unmanaged terrain for most media companies and so VMIX has staffed up a human reviewing process to filter each piece of user-generated content uploaded to its customers' sites. That may seem a bit daunting, but the payoff is that these local media companies are able to broaden their news-gathering nets, at a time when newsroom headcount is shrinking (for one example of UGC is being mixed with professional video, see what CNN is doing with its iReport series). One last differentiator is VMIX's "Marketplace" where it offers third party video to its customers on an ad inventory sharing basis.

    Looking beyond VMIX for a moment, there is a lot of excitement yet to come in the overall video management/platform space. In the last 2 weeks I've had briefings with other players in this space who are preparing major new initiatives and customer announcements that will up the ante for everyone.

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