• VideoNuze Goes Live

    It's official - after months of intense development, VideoNuze went live today. I'm very excited about this first version of the site, and am deeply indebted to many of you who have provided me tremendous feedback, insight and support on the way to today's launch.

    VideoNuze 1.0 accomplishes what I set out to do at launch - provide a high-value, user-friendly online publication and community for busy video executives seeking to keep up-to-date with the industry's vast array of news and better understand what it means to their businesses. The two primary components of the site, "Analysis" and "News Roundup", are already well-stocked with content and will grow rapidly over time. In addition, I have a full roadmap of features which will also be introduced in the coming months.

    As with all online initiatives, VideoNuze is a work in progress and I welcome your feedback. Please have a good look around and let me know what you think. What works well? What's missing? What's broken? No comment or observation is too small, I invite them all.

    Today's launch wouldn't be possible without the support of an incredible group of charter sponsors, so I want to acknowledge and thank them again. Each signed on when there was not so much as an official name for the effort. They made a bet on my concept - that an online publication that relentlessly focuses on informing and educating broadband video decision-makers would add real value to the market. I greatly appreciate their confidence.

    These companies are all leaders in the fast-evolving video industry and I encourage you to take time to learn about how they can contribute to your company's success:

    If you are interested in learning about VideoNuze sponsorships, please click here for more information or contact me.
    And if you'd like to know more about Broadband Video Focus, my firm's subscription market intelligence service, please click here.
    I look forward to hearing from you!