• Video Discovery App Fanhattan Comes to the Web

    Video discovery app Fanhattan has launched its web site today in beta, offering the same convenient way to find a TV program or movie through one simple interface. Until now Fanhattan has only been available as an iOS app. Fanhattan's key value proposition is that it eliminates the complexity of searching across multiple services. This problem is only worsening for users as more video comes online and aggregators gain and lose rights over time.

    The web site indexes TV programs and movies from 29 different online services, compared with 16 for the iOS app. These services include SVOD (e.g. Netflix, Hulu Plus), free ad-supported sites and transactional storefronts. Over 1 million titles are available, and Fanhattan says there are 3 times more free programs accessible than with the iOS app.

    Searches can be run by title, actor or director and searches can be saved to a watch list to receive an alert when and where they're available. One of the nice things I like about Fanhattan is that when you select on a program or movie, it deep links you directly to the relevant page within the chosen service, so you're watching quickly.

    Existing Fanhattan users can start using the web site immediately; others need to sign-up for the beta and will be granted access over time.