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  • Treepodia’s Personalized Videos Payoff For Big Brands

    I recently caught up with Treepodia’s CEO Tal Rubenczyk to learn more about the company, which provides personalized video marketing solutions to brands of all sizes. Treepodia is based in Israel and has offices around the world. Following is an edited transcript of our interview.

    VideoNuze: Explain what Treepodia does.

    Tal Rubenczyk:  We create personalized videos from data. Those videos are utilized by top worldwide companies (Kimberly Clark, Office Depot, Pokerstars, QVC and more) to significantly enhance the communication between the enterprise and its clients (as a major step in marketing automation), in advertising and in showcasing products and services.

    VN: How do you personalize the videos? What data sources are you able to draw on?

    TR: The videos are personalized in every possible dimension. Starting from personalized voice over mentioning the name of the recipient, moving to personalized messages, personalized animation, theme, music, scenes and more.
    VN: Who owns these videos?

    TR: It depends on the service and commercial terms.
    VN: Treepodia can work with clients to create personalized videos at each level of the marketing funnel. Are there any points in the funnel where you’ve found personalized videos to be particularly effective?

    TR: We see great success in the world of customer relations and retention. In the competitive world of today, and information flow, big companies like financial institutes, telecom companies and insurance companies have a hard time keeping their clients loyal and maintaining long term relations. Personalized videos definitely help them achieve this objective.
    VN: Can you share a couple of client examples and the results Treepodia has delivered?
    TR: Here are examples from different industries:
    Pokerstars personalized video with winning hands smart narration
    Habitat cross sell video sent after purchase
    Mondelez automated recipe banner
    Sears product page video
    VN: How does Treepodia work with social media feeds?

    TR: In various ways. The platform is connected to Facebook and Google APIs and mass launch and optimizes video campaigns in those platforms, as well as uses smart targeting based on users profiles. In addition, the player includes a built in share options to the main social networks.
    VN: When you think about the biggest video and marketing industry trends, how is Treepodia benefiting?

    TR: We see more companies from more industries looking to enhance their marketing strategy with video, all over the funnel - from bringing new customers, to enriching the customers experience, to keeping the customers loyal. It helps our company to grow quicker and enter new markets and industries.
    VN: Treepodia recently activated a personalized video campaign for QVC. Can you explain how it works and are there any early results you can share?

    TR: The QVC campaign is running in Facebook and is based on dynamic remarketing. Shoppers are targeted with personalized video in their news feed in Facebook, based on what they have previously done in the shop.
    Here is an example of such banner and an example of the additional added value of having video ads in Facebook – it gains a lot of social buzz.
    VN: What’s on the 2018 roadmap?

    TR: Connection with marketing automation platforms, having the videos be more interactive, and smart advertising support.

    VN: Thanks and good luck!

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