• Top Wall St. Analyst: TV Business Too "Ossified," Can Only Be Re-Invented From Outside [VIDEO]

    At the recent Cable Show, I had the great pleasure of doing a video interview with Craig Moffett, who is SVP and senior telecom, cable and satellite TV analyst at the investment firm Sanford Bernstein. Craig is likely the most widely-followed Wall Street analyst of the pay-TV industry - both video and broadband - and someone whose work I have long respected.

    Craig generously spent almost 45 minutes sharing his views on practically every pressing industry issue. A key recurring theme: that the pay-TV industry is so "ossified" and inflexible that true innovation with TV can only come from outside the industry. I have split the interview into 2 video segments below. For anyone who wants to better understand where the pay-TV and online video industries are heading, and what the key drivers are, I highly recommend these.

    In Part 1, we discuss:
    - Pay-TV industry's overall health
    - Why cable isn't really a video business, but rather an infrastructure business
    - The truth about cord-cutting and cord-shaving
    - What role online original programs will have with younger "cord-never" viewers
    - Why young people already think of pay-TV as a luxury service and settle for "good enough" alternatives
    - How expensive sports programming is driving pay-TV's affordability challenge
    - What will happen with Aereo
    - And more

    In Part 2, we discuss:
    - The role of usage-based pricing by broadband ISPs
    - Why the threat of Netflix is far lower today than a year ago
    - Nickelodeon's ratings problem and the role of Netflix in creating it
    - Whether cable networks will cut back licensing to OTT operators
    - What will happen with Dish Network's Auto Hop feature
    - Why TV Everywhere will remain on a slow rollout
    - What disruptive roles Google and Apple might play
    - And more

    PART 1 (24 minutes)

    PART 2 (19 minutes, 27 seconds)