Penthera leaderboard - 3-10-20
  • Teaser: More Video Ad Innovation Coming Next Week

    A little teaser for this Friday morning: next week is going to bring a number of announcements of new video advertising innovations, particularly for mobile devices. The announcements will be synched with ELEVATE: Online Video Advertising Summit, coming up next Tuesday, June 7th. This week I've been getting a preview of some of the news from various technology providers and it's exciting stuff that will no doubt help accelerate the market.

    A key underlying theme I am continually hearing from technology providers for online and mobile video advertising is their desire to help move ad dollars over from TV (or at a minimum to have online and mobile become complimentary media buys). But, as I wrote a couple of weeks ago, TV advertising is still a "known" commodity, whereas it's still early for online and mobile and there are a lot of question marks. Technology providers are united in their goal of helping premium video content providers improve their monetization and are innovating at a furious pace in order to demonstrate the advantages over TV.

    Stay tuned next week for some cool updates.
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