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  • Shell Oil Into Broadband Video? Yep.

    Broadband-delivered video keeps popping up in unexpected places, offering non-video companies unique engagement and creative opportunities.

    The latest example to hit my radar is Shell Oil, the energy giant which is nobody's idea of an entertainment powerhouse. It has released its second documentary-style/fictionalized film entitled "Clearing the Air." This follows last year's "Eureka" release. Whereas "Eureka" was inspired by an actual Shell employee's work, "Clearing the Air" seems to be a composition, and is the simplified story of how Shell developed "GTL" (Gas-to-Liquid) technologies, with a narrative shaped by a subtle romantic relationship (sound intriguing?).


    Regardless of your feelings about big oil companies, both films show how corporations are using broadband to pioneer new ways of getting their messages out and engaging their audiences.

    I found out about "Clearing the Air" from a TV ad which prompted me to go online and watch. This itself was a nice bit of cross-platform promotion. At the site, "Shell Real Energy World" you can watch the new film and "Eureka" and learn more about Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) through additional collateral. "Clearing the Air" is a well-produced 7 minute film shot on multiple locations. No credits are given, but this was clearly conceived and executed by experienced professionals.

    Some may dismiss these films as pure propaganda, and I'll admit it's tempting to do so. Big oil companies are no strangers to the tools of public relations to help massage their corporate images. But regardless of how you feel, one thing's undeniable: broadband offers brands a whole new mechanism to influence audiences. For those used to condensing their messages into a 15 or 30 second formulaic TV spots that represents a sea change and a world of opportunity. For agencies and creative types, the emergence of brands as legitimate producers of high-quality of video means adapting to a very different landscape.

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