• SeaChange's Adrenalin to Power 3-Screen Delivery By Pay-TV Providers

    SeaChange has unveiled "Adrenalin," a back office technology platform to enable its pay-TV providers to deliver multi-screen video experiences. Adrenalin is meant to help pay-TV operators deliver on their customers' expectations for anytime/anywhere/any device video deliver. As SeaChange president Yvette Kanouff told me last week, Adrenalin's goal is to help pay-TV operators achieve 3-screen goals by evolving from, rather than replacing existing back office systems. Key goals are reliability, faster time to market and proven scalability.

    Adrenalin is an upgrade of SeaChange's Axiom on Demand back office, with new functionality integrated from acquisitions like VividLogic, eventIS and Mobix Interactive. Adrenalin uses a service oriented architecture to deliver 4 components: business application and content management, content distribution and session management, advanced monitoring and client publishing across multiple device including set-top boxes, Android, iOS, and other connected devices.

    Pay-TV providers are under pressure from a growing ecosystem of over-the-top aggregators, device manufacturers and infrastructure companies which are developing online into a competitive content delivery model. SeaChange's Adrenalin comes on the heels of start-up BNI Video's announcement last week that it has raised $16 million and is also enabling 3-screen delivery by pay-TV operators. Other traditional pay-TV vendors are also rolling out products to help the industry transition. Related, SeaChange also announced that UK's Virgin Media's Player, delivering 3-screen video has gone live.

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