• Research: Strong Interest in Live Video as a News Source

    Text-to-video creation platform Wibbitz has released new research this morning indicating enthusiasm for live video as a news source. Wibbitz surveyed 1,000+ 18-65 year-olds in the U.S. about how they’re responding to live video, chatbots, wearables and virtual reality as a way to get the news, and therefore where publishers may want to invest.

    Live video was the only one of the 4 technologies that engenders more positive than negative feelings as a means for getting the news (though not by much, just 30% to 25%). Wearables was the least well-suited for news, with 57% having a negative feeling, vs. 16% positive. 66% of respondents thought live video was the most useful for keeping up with the news, 4x that of wearables, which was second. 52% also thought live video is the most entertaining option for keeping up with the news, compared with 35% for VR.

    Live video is also the most likely of the 4 technologies to have been tried already. Per the classic technology adoption lifecycle, the research also found that a third of early majority and late majority respondents were interested in live video. No surprise, the biggest fans of live video are also news junkies, with 41% of enthusiasts following 10 or more news stories per day. However, 61% of fans were 45 years-old or older, suggesting that live video is not just for millennials.

    Live-streaming video has burst onto the scene about a year-and-a-half ago, with the advent of Periscope and Meerkat. I’ve been a big fan since, particularly for mobile, recognizing live’s applicability across numerous uses. But live really moved into overdrive earlier this year when Facebook began strongly promoting its live feature. Facebook has continued to innovate and importantly is helping seed the live content market by committing $50 million to 140 different media companies and celebrities to live-stream.

    Given Facebook’s embrace of live and the Wibbitz report on users’ enthusiasm for live as a way to get the news, I’m confident live is just starting to tap its full potential.

    The full report is available for download here.