• Reach Engine Stage Launches for Cloud-Based Video Workflows [VIDEO]

    The cloud continues to create more flexibility in both video production and distribution, with the latest example being "Reach Engine Stage," a video/media management system that allows producers at multiple sites to collaborate more efficiently. Reach Engine Stage was developed by Levels Beyond, a privately-held company based in Denver with deep roots in video workflows.

    At the NABShow, Levels Beyond's co-found Danny Gold stopped by the VideoNuze booth to explain Reach Engine Stage and give more background on the company. Levels Beyond has been low-key, but recently raised a round of funding and is now used by a number of major media companies for their online video workflows.

    Danny discusses the complexity media companies are facing as they scale their online video operations and how Reach Engine automates many of the processes around video encoding, captioning, packaging, delivery and tracking of assets.