• Quick Review of Broadband Video Leadership Evening

    Over 250 people came out last night for VideoNuze's Broadband Video Leadership Evening in NYC, with a great cross-section of media and technology companies in attendance. For me it was great to actually meet people in person who I've only known from email and phone exchanges.

    A highlight of the evening was our panel discussion with Albert Cheng (Disney-ABC Television), Daina Middleton (Moxie Interactive/Publicis Groupe), Greg Clayman (MTV Networks), Karin Gilford (Comcast) and Dan Beldy (Steamboat Ventures) sitting in for John Edwards.

    The panel covered a lot of ground including how broadcast networks are trying to achieve economic parity for online viewing vs. on-air viewing of their programs, if/how/when more cable networks' programming will find its way online, what changes must occur for advertisers to shift more of their spending to broadband video, why it's hard and getting harder for independent video producers to succeed online and why '09 is going to bring a shakeout to video aggregators.

    Today I'm at the Media Summit (waiting now for the Jeff Zucker keynote interview), so I'll hold off until later summarizing my conclusions from the panel. I also have plenty of pictures, and we'll try to get the video posted shortly as well.