• PermissionTV Enhances Customization, Scalability

    More news today in the video publishing space as PermissionTV is making two product-related announcements with an eye toward enabling easier, faster creation of video applications by media companies, brands and third party agencies. Specifically the company is releasing its Platform Development Kit (PDK) and "Solutions Hub." Last week Corey Halverson, PermissionTV's VP of Product Management gave me a demo and rundown of both.

    "Solutions Hub"

    The "Solutions Hub" is a gallery of video player applications that Permission is offering developers use of to help jumpstart their video efforts. The examples are both pragmatic and inspirational, showing developers for the kinds of things that can be done with Permission's tools.

    Corey explained the Solutions Hub is meant to address a phenomenon that Permission often encounters: developers who have expansive visions of the kinds of apps they'd like to build, but who still need grounding to help them get started quickly and easily. The Solutions Hub addresses this by providing a range of downloadable apps including many featuring integrations with 3rd parties (e.g. DART, Move Networks, Tremor). By anticipating developers' needs, Permission is aiming to accelerate time to market.


    Targeted to agencies that need to be able to create highly customizable applications quickly but on a budget, Permission's new PDK bundles together all of its APIs, with tutorials, reference players, source code and other Flash-oriented tools. Corey characterized the PDK as allowing developers to "color outside the lines," while providing as much functionality as possible right out of the box.

    While I'm not a Flash developer and therefore can't fully appreciate some of the details of the PDK, there's no question that as the market matures a blend of customization and scalability is required to succeed. In particular, as business models remain in flux and experimentation prevails, the ability to quickly and inexpensively try different approaches is key. Taken together the Solutions Hub and PDK look like solid forward progress to meeting these market objectives.