• Panvidea Positions As "Post-House in the Cloud" With Move to Joyent

    Panvidea, a leader in digital media preparation is positioning itself as a "post-house in the cloud" with its move to Joyent's Smart Technology infrastructure hosted by SwitchCloud. Panvidea's CEO Chris Cali and VP of Marketing Doug Heise brought me up to date on the initiatives a couple of weeks ago.

    Panvidea is working with various media/entertainment companies like A&E, Fox and Getty Images to move their digital video production processes into the cloud. As Chris and Doug explained, traditional post-production houses have performed both craft services and more fundamental media creation services. It is these latter services - storing, processing, packaging and distributing digital media - that Panvidea is looking to automate, while having post-houses still concentrate on the high-skill craft roles.

    By offering these services in the cloud and spreading costs over multiple clients, Panvidea can drastically reduce the cost for these services, and also raise the bar on performance. It's another example of leveraging centralized digital/IP services to bring efficiencies to traditionally fragmented market.

    The move to Joyent and SwitchCloud are both intended to increase Panvidea's performance levels and reliability. On just encoding for example, Chris and Doug said that by using Joyent it is seeing a 20x improvement in encoding times vs. when Panvidea used Amazon's cloud service. Panvidea is looking to provide the full range of digital media services at "five-nines" reliability. This includes tasks like digitization, archiving, metadata creation/management, disaster recover, ad versioning, customizing content and partner management. Customers gain a comprehensive solution that can scale for future needs. As all media/entertainment companies move to digital media preparation and distribution, Panvidea looks well-positioned to provide the required services.

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