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  • Panache Introduces Interactive Ads in HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)

    Video ad technology provider Panache is introducing the ability to insert interactive ad overlays in HTTP live streaming (HLS) content delivered to iOS and Android connected devices. Panache is announcing the capability at ELEVATE: Online Video Advertising Summit. Panache CEO Steve Robinson, who briefed me last week on the capability, sees this as primarily supporting dynamic ad insertion into live television streams that would be simulcast to devices.

    Panache believes this capability is significant because it bypasses the need to separate TV programs streamed online into segments, with video ads inserted between them, which is a cumbersome process. Steve reports that pay-TV operators and TV technology providers are excited about Panache's offering because it moves them closer to their vision of convergence between TV and other devices. Many premium content providers are recognizing the value of live streaming for audiences, especially to newer mobile devices. Categories most often mentioned are sports or music, but entertainment programming is also a priority.

    Panache's HLS insertion works by downloading in the background a small amount of software into content providers' apps who want to deliver dynamic ads in their live streams. Then when the streaming content plays, the Panache software makes calls to the ad server in real time, inserting the appropriate spots and/or interactive overlays. One of Panache's customers has already integrated the code, and Steve expects it to go live later in Q3 or in Q4. A video demo is available here.
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