• NY Times' New "TimesCast" is a Home Run for Its Audience

    I continue to believe that among newspapers pursuing online video initiatives, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal are the clear leaders. Both totally get how strategic video is to evolving their brands, engaging their audiences and generating new ad revenue.

    Just last month I wrote about the Journal's newly unveiled companion video series to its "Digits" blog; now this week the Times announced its daily "TimesCast" program which is a 1-hour daily insiders' view of what and how the Times chooses to cover what it covers that runs from 1-2pm each day. In the episodes I watched - exclusively sponsored by FedEx - the cameras visited the daily "Page One" editorial meeting and featured Times journalists interviewing each other to gain more color on selected stories of the day. The pace of the videos was fast and engaging, with snappy sequencing music in the background.

    I'll readily admit this type of content isn't for everyone. However if you're a news junkie and regular Times reader like me, it's a home run - and that's what really matters. TimesCast makes viewers feel like they're "in the know," strengthening their bond with the Times brand and deepening their understanding of the news. Plus, it lets the Times showcase their journalists in a way that goes far beyond their bylined articles. A larger point: in print space is finite, on the web its infinite. Brands that learn to "super-serve" their audiences with these kinds of behind-the-scenes initiatives will win.

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