• NCAA and Thought Equity Motion Renew Deal For Video Archive Access

    The NCAA and Thought Equity Motion are announcing this morning a multi-year extension of their technology and rights management agreement. Last March, in conjunction with the NCAA Men's Basketball March Madness, the "NCAA Vault" was introduced, which contained searchable access to every moment of video from the last 10 years of the final 16 teams' games. One of the things I was most impressed about with the NCAA Vault is how flexibly exact clips could be found and also how fast the response times were.

    In the renewed deal, Thought Equity will also be adding other NCAA Division I championship events like Women's Basketball and Baseball and Wrestling, plus add social media capabilities and enhanced metadata. Thought Equity will also be working with the NCAA to identify other rights windows and business models.

    The NCAA is sitting on a treasure trove of historical footage and with Thought Equity's assistance, seems to understand the value it has in an online/social media-dominated world. But the NCAA is not alone; there are tons of sports leagues, broadcasters, news organization, studios, academic institutions and others who have years of valuable video footage stored away, which to date has only been accessible by a privileged few. I expect that more and more of this will be surfaced, with creative business models for professional and personal access to follow.

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