• mDialog Powering Video Ads in Shaw Media's Global TV iPad App

    Mobile video ad platform mDialog has been selected by Shaw Media of Canada to power video ads in its Global TV iPad app. The app was released on December 4th and quickly rose to the top of the free chart of the Canadian version of App Store. The app allows full episode viewing of various TV programs.

    With mDialog, Shaw will be able to insert targeted, real-time, non-skippable ads into its programs. Given the iPad's superior touch-screen engagement, more interactive ad executions will no doubt follow. The mDialog platform also provides real-time reporting and analytics.

    Following up CES a couple of weeks ago, I've become even more convinced that mobility in general - and tablet-based viewing in particular - is poised to become a very important part of the video landscape. In addition to the out-of-home experience, as I've pointed out a number of times, iPad viewing has turned various rooms in our house into new places to watch high-quality video. The Shaw implementation underscores the idea that if content providers can monetize programs at parity, or better, than is typical on TV, iPad video apps are going to become even more popular. And with tens of millions of iPads due to be in circulation by the end of this year, it is becoming a viewing platform in its own right.

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