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  • Join Mark Cuban, Avner Ronen, Paul Sagan and Me for a Great Panel at MIT Next Thursday

    If you're going to be in the Boston area next week, then please join Mark Cuban (Dallas Mavericks owner and head of HDNet), Avner Ronen (CEO/founder of boxee), Paul Sagan (CEO, Akamai) and me for a panel at the MIT Enterprise Forum on Thursday, Feb 3rd. The panel is moderated by Woody Benson, partner at Prism VentureWorks, who will do a 45-minute fireside chat with Mark prior to the panel.

    The panel promises to be a freewheeling discussion of all the issues related to online video's invasion into the living room: who are the winners and losers? how will business models change? how likely is cord-cutting? And what is the timing for all of this change to play out? Needless to say it's a pretty dynamic group of panelists, so there will be no shortage of opinions exchanged and differences aired. For example, Mark and I recently had a spirited email debate over whether broadcast TV networks should allow Google TV and others to display their programs. I've written a couple of times that they should (here and here), while Mark has written (in his characteristically subtle way!) it's "probably one of the dumbest concepts ever."

    Learn more and register here.
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