• It's NCAA March Madness On Demand Season Again

    Speaking of sports, Turner Sports, CBS Sports and the NCAA announced this week that March Madness on Demand will be back online and free to users yet again. MMOD is by far the highest-profile sports event offered live online and the NCAA and networks just keep on improving it every year. For the 2011 tournament, the big new drawing card will be an iPad app, along with new features like personalized channel lineups, social interaction and live stats updates.

    The decision a few years ago to convert MMOD from a paid experience to a free, ad-supported one has to be one of the best online video business decisions made (unless you're an employer that is, worried about a noticeable decline in productivity during MMOD). Like the Olympics online, MMOD's simultaneous and non-primetime games lend themselves perfectly to the infinite shelf space online video offers. Importantly, MMOD has also brought big brand advertisers into the online video medium, introducing them to key interactive and branding benefits.