• IBM Cloud Video to Power Comic-Con HQ and CBC

    IBM Cloud Video has announced Comic-Con HQ and the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. as new customers. A partnership of Comic-Con International and Lionsgate, Comic-Con HQ will launch on May 7th with both SVOD and ad-supported options.  IBM will provide subscriber and content management, billing, and live streaming across devices. For CBC, IBM will power the ad-supported service that includes 600 different series, online and on mobile devices.

    IBM has made video a key priority, acquiring Clearleap last December and Ustream in January. Braxton Jarratt, formerly CEO of Clearleap now runs IBM Cloud Video. Ustream’s CEO Brad Hunstable told me in an interview last week that IBM thinks video is a $100 billion opportunity and that IBM is in a prime position to capture market share, particularly given its data analytics assets.