• Here's the Program for CTV Advertising PREVIEW: 2023 (virtual) on Feb. 28th

    I'm excited to announce the program for VideoNuze’s third annual Connected TV Advertising PREVIEW: 2023 (virtual) on Tuesday afternoon, February 28th (see below).  The program includes 5 sessions, featuring 21 executives, and covering the most critical aspects of CTV advertising and the broader TV/advertising industries.

    CTV PREVIEW will be the most in-depth CTV-focused conference in the first half of 2023. Hundreds of industry executives are already signed up to attend. For anyone in the industry whose business depends on the growth and success of CTV, advertising, streaming, FASTs and more, CTV PREVIEW will be a must-attend afternoon of high-impact learning.

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    Executive speakers span the buy side and sell side; established and earlier-stage media; product, sales, technology and business development. From C-level through VP-level, they will all bring their insights based on front line experience with CTV. I’m grateful to all of them for carving time out of their busy schedules to share their thought leadership with all of us.

    I’m also extremely proud of the breadth of representation among speakers, as diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) has long been a key goal of mine for VideoNuze events. There is more work to do, but we’ve made great strides.

    Many thanks to our 4 generous partners Beachfront, PadSquad, Roku and Wurl. Please contact me if you’d like to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

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    Connected TV Advertising PREVIEW 2023 (virtual) Program

    Welcome to Connected TV Advertising PREVIEW 2023 (virtual)

    • Will Richmond – Editor and Publisher, VideoNuze


    The Big Picture: Trends and Opportunities in CTV in 2023
    Connected TV is the hottest sector of the advertising industry, forecast by eMarketer to grow 27% in 2023 to $27 billion in the U.S. alone. Despite significant economic headwinds, CTV continues to enjoy significant advantages by combining the best of TV advertising’s site, sound and motion, with the best of digital advertising’s targetability, interactivity and optimization. Still, many challenges remain. This session will explore all the most significant factors influencing CTV’s evolution in 2023.

    • Paul Josephsen – Chief Strategy Officer, WMX Content & Media Division @Warner Media Group
    • Brian Wieser – Principal, Madison and Wall
    • Laura Wu – Head of Strategy and Operations, Beachfront
    • Danielle DeLauro – EVP, VAB (moderator)


    Is CTV’s Future at the Bottom of the Funnel?
    With linear TV’s decline, CTV ad spending has surged as advertisers “follow the eyeballs” in order to achieve their reach and frequency objectives. But rather than CTV being viewed solely as a “top of funnel” branding channel, its biggest opportunity may be as a “full funnel” or even “lower funnel” opportunity. This would unlock performance-oriented advertising budgets that are based on high impact targeting and measurement, much the same as the successful playbook Google has run in search and Facebook has run in social. Learn how and when CTV may evolve into full funnel and what this means for all market participants.

    • Sean Doherty – CEO, Wurl
    • Eric Smith – US Head of Verticals, Auto, Tech, Gaming & Entertainment, Roku
    • Jen Soch – Executive Director, Channel Solutions, GroupM
    • Olga Weinraub – Senior Director, Enterprise Marketing Partnerships, Cox Automotive
    • Colin Dixon – Chief Analyst and Founder, nScreenMedia (moderator)


    Interview With TMB’s President and CEO Bonnie Kintzer
    How a Traditional Publisher is Succeeding with CTV and Streaming
    The venerable magazines “Reader’s Digest,” “Family Handyman” and “Taste of Home” may not be first to mind when thinking of CTV and streaming. But their owner, TMB (formerly Trusted Media Brands), has an expansive vision of how its strong brands and their super-fans can be leveraged for success in the modern era. Turbocharging TMB’s growth are its 2021 acquisition of Jukin’ Media and a portfolio of digital-first brands. In this interview, TMB’s president and CEO Bonnie Kintzer explains how TMB is evolving and fully capitalizing on all of the opportunities of CTV and streaming.

    • Bonnie Kintzer – President and CEO, TMB (Trusted Media Brands)
    • Will Richmond – Editor and Publisher, VideoNuze (interviewer)


    CTV UX Innovation – The 2023 Roadmap
    CTV viewing experiences benefit from dynamic, constant innovation, which in turn bolsters the value of advertising inventory as brands look to execute more interactive campaigns that achieve ever-better returns on spending. With so much happening so fast, what are the key programming and advertising changes primed to enhance the CTV viewer experience, and how will they improve engagement and boost the performance of the market in 2023 and beyond? Join us for an insightful discussion of CTV’s innovation roadmap in 2023.

    • Ashley Arena – Head of Advanced Video Activation, PHD
    • Krista Panoff – SVP, Global Enterprise Development, Innovid
    • David Pudjunis – VP, Revenue Operations and Digital Partnerships, AMC Networks
    • Lance Wolder – Head of Strategy and Marketing, PadSquad
    • Mary Ann Halford – Partner, Altman Solon (moderator)


    FASTs – Road to Gold or Road to “SLOW?”
    Free ad-supported TV or “FAST” has become one of the buzziest terms in the streaming and CTV industries. Content providers are eagerly launching FAST channels to capitalize on two key trends: advertisers’ insatiable demand for premium CTV ad inventory and viewers’ SVOD fatigue as economic uncertainty escalates. All of this makes FASTs a “road to gold” in the short-term. But in the longer-term, is flooding the market with a lot of free premium programming going to precipitate SLOW – “SVOD Losses On the Way?” as viewers are further conditioned to consume free premium video via FASTs and expect ever-better shows to be accessible without payment required?

    • Beth Anderson – GM, FAST Channels, BBC Studios
    • Tejas Shah – SVP, Commercial Strategy and Analytics, FilmRise
    • Josh Sharma – VP of Advertising Partnerships, Allen Media Group
    • Aneessa Steilen – VP, Media and Distribution Marketing, Vevo
    • Eric John – VP, Media Center, IAB (moderator)



    • Will Richmond – Editor and Publisher, VideoNuze