• Google Not Ready To Announce Fiber Winning Communities

    Google broke months of radio silence on its 1 gbps fiber to the home experiment this week just to mention that it's still not ready to announce where the next generation network will be deployed. No surprise, Google has been inundated with interest, from almost 1,100 communities around the U.S.

    This week's update was penned by Milo Medin, who was a key architect of the @Home broadband network (remember them?). That's an encouraging sign that Google is adding the expertise to help make this fiber project a success. In my original reactions to the project, one of my chief concerns was that Google had bitten off more than it could chew on the network and in-home installation/customer service fronts. Google will need to add further experienced people in these areas to improve the odds of success in achieving its goals (though it's still not exactly clear what its goals are with this project).